Consultancy & Support

More than 15 years of experience

Hardware Support

(Only Argentina)

Computer Repairing

Identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in faulty computers.

Networking & Security

Different types of networking deployment, including the installation and maintenace of security cameras, monitoring systems and alarms.


Keeping computers and laptops in good condition through regular cleanings, hard drive updates, resources upgrades and virus prevention.

Software Development Topics

Software Quality Processes

Conducting analysis to identify the strenghts and weaknesses of current quality control operations. Prodiving corrective action plans to improve the QA processes.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Helping organizations to achieve CI/CD practices, by detecing issues that are stopping them to move forward and providing a set of steps to be carried out.

Continuous Testing

Starting from a continuous testing appraisal, we provide guidance in the implementation of tools, processes and good practices to build high quality software continuously.

Test Automation Architecture

Consultancy and support on test automation architecture for different types of platforms (web, mobile, big data, etc.) so that projects can have efficient automated tests.

Manual Testing Support

Providing experienced human resources on quality control to support the testing of the applications (web, mobile, desktop, etc.) that are being developed.

Test Automation Testing Support

Providing experienced human resources on automated testing to create and mantain test script for web sites, mobile apps, and other types of platforms.

Agile Processes

Helping projects to implement agile practices according to their needs, by performing analysis, planning, trainning and mentoring.

Website Development

Development of websites for small and medium businesses like shops, professional services, etc.

Project Management

Consultancy and support on project management for small and medium businesses: building high performance teams, forecasting, P&Ls, project reporting, planning techniques, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact us anytime you want, but if you want to check our frequently asked questions, you might find quick answers to your first doubts.

Use the contact form to explain very briefly your needs and we will reach out to you by email or phone, according to your preferences. If you use WhatsApp, you can also send us a message.

Most of our services can be provided remotely by using different tools. However, if you would like to have personal meetings there are some cities where we might do it possible:

  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Argentina
    • Buenos Aires
    • Cordoba
    • Corrientes
    • Chaco
    • Misiones
    • Entre Ríos
    • Neuquén (soon)
  • Chile
    • Santiago de Chile
  • Uruguay
    • Montevideo
  • Paraguay
    • Asunción
    •  Itapuá

Regarding Hardware support, all the time and conversations required to understand the problem are completely free. For determined services like operating system formatting, you can check the next section for specific pricing.

Regarding software development consultancy, all the conversations we might have about understanding your needs are completely free.

  • USD – American Dollars
  • € – Euros
  • CHF – Swiss Francs
  • ARS – Argentinian Pesos

Specific Services

We have a list of determined and specific services which are performed by certified specialists

Full Microsoft Windows Installation

ONLY ARGENTINA: An installation of Microsoft Windows with basic apps and a 6 months support - $5.000 ARS

Virus Cleaning Up

ONLY ARGENTINA: An analysis of any type of viruses and the cleaning up processes after it - $4.000 ARS

Informative Website Development

Development of a website for small and medium businesses like shops, professional services, etc. - $50.000 ARS / $100 USD

Hard Disc or Memory Upgrade

ONLY ARGENTINA: Replacing an old hard disc or RAM memory by a new one - $3.000 ARS*

* Does not include the devices

Wireless Security Camera Installation

ONLY ARGENTINA: Installation of a 2 MP Wifi Camera which includes siren, lights and speaker - $58.700 ARS


Deep Knowledge

Agustin Mascheroni is one of the smartest people I have ever met, with incredible technical and soft skills. Always focused on quality, proposing the best solution for the business and improving the processes continuously.

Karen Bark,
VP of Quality Assurance
Cision (PR Newswire)

Problem Solving Oriented

Agustin’s easy going, curious demeanor and analytical mind allows him to identify and solve the core issues a client is having rather than simply install a framework.

Drew Griffin,
Product Manager
Red Hat

Committed and Qualified

Agustin Mascheroni is a highly qualified professional for jobs related to agile software development, committing to quality standards.

Galileio Zolorsano,
Quality Assurance Manager

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